January 20, 2008

The Wilds

During a Saturday morning trip to The Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio I got to get up-close and personal to some of the animals. Thank you Kerri, Ray and Marvin!

(Above) The progression of the Bison as they came up the hill and eventually surrounded us...kinda creepy!

(Above) One of the three female Cheetahs

(Above) One of the three male Cheetahs

(Above) African Wild Dogs at the new Mid-Sized Carnivore Conservation Center at The Wilds

(Above) A pair of Bactrian Camels

(Above) Sichuan Takin

1 comment:

Kerri B. McMullen said...

I really like the progression of the Bison. Good eye! You took what you experiences in motion and illustrated that same feeling in still photography.

Glad that you did a bit of research on the captions. Good job!