April 9, 2008

Froggy Style

OK, actually I think these are toads, but all toads are a subspecies of frogs, therefore all toads are frogs. Anyway, i took Josey for a ride near Salt Fork this evening so we both could get out of the house for awhile. I was hoping to come across something of interest, it is spring but there still isn't much "life" out there yet. So I come across this long, wide ditch full of water running beside the dirt road I'm on, I thought I might see some frogs but had no idea I would see what I did. There were three pairs of frogs mating in this ditch, I have never seen this before and found it to be really interesting (maybe I've been working too much). They didn't like it when I got close and the water was muddy so it was hard to get any shots of them. I did some research when I got home, here is what i found out...

(Below) The male frog mounts the female frog to fertilize the eggs, he has special "thumbs" to grab the female so even if she tries to hop away he will hang on.

(Below) This was the second pair I came across, you can see the string of eggs coming from the female toward the bottom of the image.

(Below) The string of eggs coming from the pair of frogs above was about 4 feet long.

(Below) Close up of the eggs from the frogs above, they drug the eggs along as they crossed a mound of dry ground so I was able to get a pretty clear shot of them. These will hatch into tadpoles.

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