December 1, 2008

Niagara Falls

Val and I went to Niagara Falls over the weekend. If you have never been there you should consider going, it was only a five hour drive and well worth it.

(above) Our hotel, I don't think we could have gotten a better room!

(above) View from our bedroom. Random rainbows kept appearing through out the day.

(above) Canadian Horseshoe Falls

(above) We took a tour behind the Canadian Horseshoe falls, this was taken at the base of the falls.
(above) One of the portals on the behind the falls tour. The sound was amazing and it was kind of creepy when you thought about where you were standing.

(above) The American Falls

(above) The American Falls at night. Every night the falls are illuminated with different colors.
(above) The Casino beside our hotel and night life beyond.

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jane augenstein said...

WOW!!!!!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! Jennifer has been wanting me and her dad to go to the falls, we may just have to!
Great shots.