February 15, 2009

The Cabins at Rocky Top: A Friday the 13th Nightmare

I booked a cabin for valentines weekend back in early December with The Cabins at Rocky Top in Hocking Hills. The day before our arrival I received a call telling me they had double booked us and the cabin I booked was not available but they would give us their other cabin for the same price, with the short notice I had no other choice other than to take it. I was told that someone would meet us at the cabin at 3:00 to check us in, after waiting 45 minutes we checked the door and it was unlocked, we take all our stuff inside but there is no heat on...the pilot is out on the propane heater. I call the guy I booked with and ask why no one checked us in and the heat is off, he tells me he does not know why no one showed to check us in and i just need to light the pilot...but the ignitor does not work so I'll have to use a lighter, I tell him we don't smoke and do not have a lighter, he tells me to use the grill lighter. So after we look for the grill lighter for 20 minutes or so and still no one showing up to check us in I decide we are going to go buy a lighter and light this thing because it is warmer outside than in the cabin and will be dark soon. So we drive to a Walmart (not exactly on the agenda for a Friday evening during our weekend away from people) to buy a lighter. We go back and light the heater, still no one there to check us in. After a couple beers we finally start to calm down and relax and hit the hot tub...only two of the jets work in the hot tub but we can deal with that. After we get out of the hot tub we are going to take a shower, i turn on the water and it smells of raw sewage...Val actually gagged! This was the breaking point for me, I decided we were leaving the next day. We awoke (after the little sleep we got due to the hot tub plumbing driping all night and the ball of angry fire inside of us) the next morning to the smell of a skunk and a rain snow mix. We packed up the car, I called the guy I booked with and left him a voice mail telling him all the crap he had put us through, we were leaving and I did not expect to be billed for the weekends rent...I have not heard back from him.  The only way our stay at Rocky Top could have been worse is if a psyco serial killer sporting a hockey mask would have murdered us. After the car was loaded the rain and snow had quit so we decided to go hiking like we had planned, and I'm glad we did. It was beautiful and we got there so early no one was around. We hit Old Mans Cave, Cedar Falls, Ash Cave and then Rock House. The moral of this story is Hocking Hills State Park is a great place to visit, just don't book your stay with The Cabins at Rocky Top!  **Update**  After a lengthy, and at times heated, conversation with the guy I booked with I will only being paying the cleaning ladies fee of $50.  We don't get back the weekend we had been looking forward to for the past two months but it will be one we always remember.

(Below) Images from Old Mans Cave

(Below) Images from Cedar Falls

(Below) Images from Ash Cave

(Below) Images from Rock House


jane augenstein said...

Man what bad adventure you and Val had. So sorry to hear that your weekend was spoiled by irresponsible people! But it ended with some great hiking and gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing and I don't think I will ever go there to rent a cabin! Shame on them!

Dave and Michelle Starner said...

Hey Russ - Dave Starner here. I just read your Friday the 13th post - funny stuff. Next time go to Bear Run Inn. They have awesome cabins there. They're just outside Logan on 93 North. Their heat works!

Dude, you could be a professional photographer,