June 30, 2009

Red River Gorge/Natural Bridge State Park

This months trip took us to Kentucky where we went to the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge State Park. Only Arches National Park in Utah has more naturally formed rock arches than the Red River Gorge. This is a beautiful area and I would love to go back and see it in the fall. Below are some images of what we came across.

Natural Bridge State Park

Our first stop was Natural Bridge State Park where we gained 500 feet in elevation along the 3/4 mile trail leading to Natural Bridge. The "bridge" is impressive and the view from the top of it is amazing.

(Below) View of Natural Bridge from the bottom

(Below) View from on top of Natural Bridge

Red River Gorge

After leaving Natural Bridge we headed to Red River Gorge to hit a few of the trails. First stop was at Chimney Top Rock which rises 900 feet above the valley below. Great views in every direction.

(Below) Observation area at the top of Chimney Top Rock

(Below) Next stop was Princess Arch
Our last stop of the day was Sky Bridge, it was narrower, longer and seemed higher than Natural Bridge.
(Below) The trail head leads directly to the edge of Sky Bridge

(Below) View looking left off the Sky Bridge

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