April 7, 2011

Three Hollows Falls

There are some things that photos just don't do justice and this scene just happens to be one of them.  I found this small "waterfall" on our property a few weeks ago and today we dubbed it "Three Hollows Falls" as it is one of three hollows that come together to form one large hollow that runs through the property...clever eh?  At some point I'll hike up with my tripod and take a long exposure, until then this is the best I can do to capture it.
Top of the "falls"

Bottom of the "falls"


Jennifer said...

Very nice! Looking forward to more pictures - but to me, these speak volumes!

jane augenstein said...

We have lots of hollows, huge rocks and water falls on our property too. One really deep one right close to the house, the horse and donkey drink out of the stream that flows through it. I should get up there and take some pictures of it.
BTW I have been taking a break.... haven't been taking many pictures at all of late. Need to get back to it.

Mr.YLeK said...

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